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Eastern White Cedar


For over a decade, Arborvitae Ecological Landscapes has been synonymous with reliability and value. The name "Arborvitae" itself holds deep meaning, symbolizing the "Tree of Life" that has been revered for its associations with peace, harmony, growth, and abundance across cultures throughout history.


Inspired by this rich heritage and the historical significance of the Eastern White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis) among Indigenous peoples, as well as its remarkable role in Jacques Cartier's expedition, we embrace the symbol and its meanings. Allegedly, when Cartier's crew discovered the tree during their 15th-century exploration, they found that brewing it into tea cured their scurvy and revived their spirits. Since then, the Eastern White Cedar became known as the "Tree of Life."


Drawing from this legacy, Arborvitae Ecological Landscapes is dedicated to transforming your outdoor space into a thriving haven that embodies vitality and the essence of natural beauty

Our mission is to create sustainable and captivating outdoor environments for commercial, municipal, and residential clients, combining our expertise in environmental science, landscaping, and horticulture to foster thriving communities and a greener future.

We have had the pleasure of retaining Andrew and his crew for several projects on our farm including landscape design, site preparation for a new garage, armor stone retaining walls and general property maintenance. Every job has been started in time, been professionally executed, and come in on quote. And importantly, Andrew and the team have left a clean work site every day, been flexible, and provided courteous and caring service to my entire family.

Paul Reid


Since 2011, Arborvitae Ecological Landscapes has been creating native landscapes in the Greater Toronto Area for municipal and commercial clients. Now, our focus is closer to home and community, using our skills and expertise to bring your landscape plans to life.


At Arborvitae Ecological Landscapes, our roots run deep, grounding us in the values of community, craftsmanship, and care. Together, let's cultivate a vibrant and sustainable future for our local community.

Get to Know Us

Rooted in our family farm in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, and backed by our expertise in environmental science and landscaping, we are committed to building and uplifting our local community through our work and the meaningful connections we forge.


By nurturing these authentic connections, we foster a harmonious ecosystem where our clients, partners, and community thrive.

Company owner Andrew Macdonald standing in a field of bergamot.
The Kawartha Lakes Farm where Arborvitae is based.


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